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I have figured out the worm thing. Yes there is fish poop in the pics. Does it explain the worms I described-NO.
They are harmless worms and one or more (have only seen one) got loose from the substrate. Thanks for the tip on the driftwood. No it wasn't boiled, too big:D. I am seeing algae in spots on the glass and driftwood, but I am hoping EI proves here and it does not take off. On the bright side plants are growing like mad. Just don't want the algae war to get out of control. Need some tips on how to kill the lines in the pics of that type of algae. Yes I know there are fish turds. Congrats to all who figured it out. There is a harmless substrate worm involved, I will try to get a good pic, but my camera does suck.
Any tips on killing the driftwood algae yet(other than waiting?)

1 - 6 of 12 Posts
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