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Can anyone ID this plant

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I'm new to this site and was hoping someone could ID a plant for me, I bought some recently and am really pleased with it, but cannot find any info on it. I have been told it is a new species? (not the cryptocoryne by the way!)

Thanks! :D
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hello, it looks like Eusteralis stellata Amano plant. how much did you pay for all of that?
Didn't you go back to the other forum and look at the responses there?

It looks like a Tonina sp. and I was interested in a trade but I see you are in the UK so I'll give up that idea.
As Sean said, this infact Tonina sp. 'Belem' :)
Great! someone I spoke to suggested a name sounding like Tonina, so I think I have found it! (I have spent so long on the net looking for this species!) Thanks for all your help- That little lot cost me about £7.50 ($13.50) for the 10 bunches, I order aquarium plants for an aquatic company I work for, so I really wanted to find out the name of that species to order more!

Thanks again :D
Sean - I have Tonina sp. Belem. It didn't like the move and but is
on the path to recovering. I'll give you some when I have some to spare.
Ghazanfar Ghori said:
Sean - I have Tonina sp. Belem. It didn't like the move and but is
on the path to recovering. I'll give you some when I have some to spare.
Which Tonina did you already give me, the one with the compact whorls and short leaves. Oh, would you go speak up on the thread about your weekend of rock hounding already.
I gave you Tonina fluvatilis. I've got Tonina sp. Belem too - I think
it's much prettier. I'm going to get another Tonina species from
another guy - maybe he'll come to the Sat meeting.

The rocks..the'll see on Sat :lol:
My Toninas grow green leaves, but they start to wither away after the leaves can't grow any longer. This has been happening for weeks now. So it basically looks like a palm tree where the top is always green and the everything below that is brown. Any ideas what's going on? My friend and I believe it could be the tap water we use for water changes. So it needs pure soft water? I have a ph of ideas and solutions?

Sounds like a deficiency where the new leaves are pulling
nutrients from the old leaves in order to grow. Can you describe
or even better yet show us the old leaves?
In the original poster's pic, I'm interested in the fern-looking plant on the far right side. Anyone know what that is?
I've seen that discussed on the forum in Singapore, it is a Fissidens nobilis (spelling) fern it doesn't last long underwater, yet. Someone might figure it out.
The "fern" in the initial image is either Selaginella sp. or possibly a variety of Trichomanes javanicum. I am betting on the latter: Trichomanes javanicum 'Borneo'. In either case, these genus are not suited for full submersion AFAIK.

I also do not think the Tonia pictured is Tonia sp. 'Belem'. Tonia sp. 'Belem' resembles the Milky Way Galaxy when viewed from above: the radiating arms curve in the same plane as the imaginary circle. The one pictured looks like a water fountain, where the radiating leaves all curve downward.

...but I do agree that the foreground plant is indeed a Cryptocoryne sp. :mrgreen:
my oh sooo sad tonina. Look at how it is trying to survive.

Any Ideas what's going on?
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The fern in the background of my picture is Selaginella Wildenowii, does not grow quickly but is a true aquatic plant to the best of my knowledge.........
haha....hey tonina's are dead. They couldn't last any longer and turned all brown. *CRYING*. This is what I get for still running DIY co2 (therefore unsteady PH). O wells, there's always a next time.
R.I.P Tonina, may you flourish in the aquarium in the sky.....
litesky said:
haha....hey tonina's are dead.
Same thing happened to me when I tried Tonina. It hardly even grew at all before disintegrating.

I suppose the failures would not be as bothersome if I could figure out what went wrong. This makes two plants I've killed. Hopefully, the pH-controller-solenoid CO2 system will give me a little better edge than the DIY I'm running in my tanks now.
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