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I have a question and I'll ask it using an imaginary tank, to keep things clear and simple.

Imagine that I have a tank filled with a whole lot of healthy nice-and-green, say, Hygrophila Polysperma (or any plant for that matter I guess). The plants are fertilised regularly and CO2 injection is being used.

Now, let's say I turn the lights off above the tank for a few days (and suspend fertilisation/CO2).

When I turn the lights back on, the plant is still there, of course, but it is no longer it's nice lush green colour, but now more of a yellowy green (i.e. the plant looks a bit sickly yellow, but is certainly still alive). It has turned yellowy green, I guess, due to the fact that chlorophyll has reduced in concentration in the leaf tissue?

With the lights back on and normal fertilisation, CO2 etc resumed, will the existing leaves on the plant regain their original lush green colouration (i.e. new cholorphyll), or will only new leaves grow in with lush colour?

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