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can i use

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i have a 75 gal tank. can i use 4 flour. plant grow lights to light my aquarium. they are 40watts each.they are GE plant and aquarium bulbs.
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help please

Can i use 4 GE plant and aquarium flours. bulbs to light my 75 gal. tank. Will i be able to grow med to high light plants with this.
Yep. That should give you enough light to grow at least the basic plants. 2.13 WPG of t-8's (regular flourescent tubes) ? I'd call that medium light on a 75.

Re: help please

Are these with the 2 -24" fixtures? Are you adding ferts? Do you have Co2?

Tell us a little about your setup.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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