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I did the first calculation for KNO3 and got something different. Sorry I can't go through and check everything, I'll just show you how I did it with KNO3.

Molar mass KN03 = 101.1g
Molar mass N = 14.0g

100g KNO3 x (14.0g/101.1g) = 13.8g N = 13,800 mg N
1000mL = 1L
13,800mg/L = 13,800 ppm N

By definition I believe 1% = 10,000ppm. 10% = 100,000ppm. 0.1% = 1,000ppm and so on.

Therefore the percentage of nitrogen in solution is 1.38%.

I'm sure this is right but someone should verify it.
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