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My two favorites are Caridina japonica and Ancistrus sp. In the tank with cichlids (shrimp unfriendly tanks), I have one Ancistrus sp. per 30-40 gallon. In non-cichlid tanks (usually smaller tanks), I use Caridina japonica at 1-2 per gallon. There are other shrimps (Neocaridina sp., Atyopsis sp., etc.) and ottos (zebra, red, etc.) but they are for my viewing pleasure and not algae-control. I would never employ C. japonica in large tanks because the # required would put me in the poor house. It's not like I can order 50 or more shrimps to use for a couple of weeks and return the excess at a later date. So practicality also comes into play.

Aside from these two, I don't find the need for any other species for 'cleaning' purposes.
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