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Cannot Log In/Out

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I can no longer log out of this forum without physically emptying my internet cache. Clicking the "Log out [ cS ]" link will only bring me to the index page. This I have noticed for the past week or so.

It often takes 2-5 attempts for me to log in per session. And when it takes only once, the site will not automatically log me in when I return unless I close the browser, revisit, and log in. Repeat 2-5 times. This I have noticed for the past few months.
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Art_Giacosa said:
Looking into it CS. Did you install or modify a firewall or anti-virus software on your end?
Windows XP Professional w/ all service packs
Internet Explorer 6.x
Norton Antivirus
Ad-Aware w/ Ad-Watch activated
Spybot Search & Destroy w/ Tea Timer activated
Google Toolbar

I don't know much about firewall, but Windows XP Professional comes with a personal firewall right? I didn't modify it AFAIK, unless those updates from did something?

Oh, I don't use AOL either.

Thank you for looking into it.
I disabled the firewall and the problem persists. #-o
The cookie has been deleted and the problem remains. In fact, it appears to have worsen. Now, the site will not automatically log me in whenever I visit. I just tried to to log on for 10 times. Crazy site. :p
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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