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Can't edit posts in For Sale or Trade

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I can preview changes, and they are there, but when I click on "save" all the changes get lost. Is that intended?
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must be a glitch. once you edit the post click "save changes" and it should be good.
It is a glitch, all right! Specifically, I am trying to edit the title, and I click on "save changes", but I can't change it. I used to be able to do that.
Hmm, I have a vb site and it has been up for close to 10 yrs. Never seen that.

You edit the title ( as you know ) in the advanced editor then click save changes... weird you can't do it.
I tried to edit a title not too long ago on a Cichlid vb board and ran into the same problem. I can edit away on the body of the post, but the title would not work. Maybe it's new or a Firefox issue?

I'm using Chrome right now, so I'll have to try it with this.
There's an easy way to edit titles. It won't change them if you click on the post. If you are looking at the list of thread titles in a forum double click just to the right of the title you want to change and it should allow you to edit the title. Of course, this is a moderator privilege.
Hey, I didn't know that. Thanks for the tip Aaron. :)

I was able to edit the title the regular way too just now, using Chrome. I don't know if that has anything to do with it though.
I tried it and it worked! Thanks for the tip, Aaron.
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