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Can't find your store

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We were in your area Monday and tried to find your store, but the address on your website is in a residential neighborhood, no stores that we could see, we called a couple of times but only got an answering machine. We tried looking up your home number according to the address but it came up with someone elses name, and of course your fax number is in California and the contact information for your website is in Illinois.

How can you do business when all your information is out of date?
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We run ALL of our businesses from our home.
I am a stay @ home dad of one and got out of the Navy after 12 years of service to be @ home with my little one.
Our fax number is a current and comes directly through one of our computers.

I am not sure which contact info you are referencing but on our main site this is the info stated
928 Lands End Circle
St. Charles, Missouri 63304
United States
Phone: 314-754-8715
Fax: 707-221-0291

If there is anything i can help you with feel free to email me or call.
Depending on if I am packing orders, on the phone with other customers or just playing with my daughter depends on if we make it to the phone.
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