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Try this janlo:

(1) Purchase the CO2 equipment online, sans CO2 bottle, and have it shipped to Canada. You don't need the pH controller. Save that money for something else.

(2) Make a post in the For Sale forum, asking your fellow Canadian hobbyists to help you source a CO2 bottle. Or hopefully one of them will respond in this thread. You can also post on the APD. There are many veteran Canadian hobbyists on there eh. <-- gross misuse of the lingo eh? :D

Alternatively, ask your children/friends if s/he knows of a dealer who sells CO2 tanks students for ummmm...stuff. They are usually employees of the major gas supply houses who do this on the side; so you'll most likely get a great deal. Around my neck of the woods, the price of a single empty 5 pound tank is $100. I can get the same bottle for $50 filled from one of these side-dealers. If your budget permits, then purchase the 10, 15, or 20 pound tanks. Refills cost roughly the same, but a larger tank allows you to go longer between refills, a process that I find to be extremely cumbersome.

I was speaking with a gas supply house last week, and the owner informed me that with steel prices rising, the commercial cost of these bottles are going to skyrocket. The alternative is to use an aluminum tank, but I can't find any dealers in the area that supply them. :(
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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