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Carnival in VietNam

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Hi, friends. Happy new year
I would like to show U a my wife set work. it's lucky to archive the first prize in my local contest hold by ABV forum,
the tank size is 50L X 30D X 30H.
Thank you and enjoy it

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This is a very beautiful little tank. I like the plant choices that was made for the colors, leaf textures & shapes.
Very good colors, I like how they blend together. Have you trained your sunset to stay so low, or do you trim it regularly and replant the tops?
Im not a big fan of that colored gravel so I am glad that your groundcover has filled in over it. The choice is plants is great. The colors and leaf sizes go great together, the reds really pop, and the types you chose look great in that size of tank.
What is the pipe on the left side? How is it hooked up?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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