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Catalina Aquarium

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I recently bought their 48" T5 light fixture from them and when it arrived the end cap was broke and they sent 2 of the wrong lights. I called them and told them what happened and so they sent out replacements and when I got them they were broke so I called again and again they sent out new ones not once asking me to send the broken ones back. They have great customer service and will def order from them again when i need things.
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Catalina is a old favorite of mine especially when you live in the town they run their shop out of. if you are a walk in customer you can get 65 watt compact florescent bulbs made by Catalina there on the spot for $10 each you really cant beat that price for a new bulb if you try
A+ for customer service and indeed, if you live near Sacramento being able to walk in is great. I bought a 4x54W T5 fixture from them as well as a filter and both products have worked great for the last year.
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