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CFL Lighting

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I am working to start a low tech planted aquarium without C02 generator. Based on this article.

Question about CFL bulbs. I have a really nice hood which uses the screw in type CFL bulbs. I have noted that there are also other types (long rather than spiral) and want to be sure what I am planning will be OK. 55 gallon aquarium, three bulbs in the hood, use 45 watt bulbs which will be a yield of about 2.5 watts per gallon, the highest recommended for the low tech setup.

Please advise on the bulb type.
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Frogecko, welcome to APC!

Spiral CFLs give a lot more light when they are mounted vertically rather than horizontally--almost twice as much. So if your hood only allows the tubes to be horizontal, I would try some of the u-shaped ones.

That said, I know very little about what kinds of screw-base u-shaped tubes are available, and haven't done any tests on them. I have very good resuts with Sylvania spiral CFLs, so if they make a u-shaped one it might be good to try first.
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