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CFL Lighting

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I am working to start a low tech planted aquarium without C02 generator. Based on this article.

Question about CFL bulbs. I have a really nice hood which uses the screw in type CFL bulbs. I have noted that there are also other types (long rather than spiral) and want to be sure what I am planning will be OK. 55 gallon aquarium, three bulbs in the hood, use 45 watt bulbs which will be a yield of about 2.5 watts per gallon, the highest recommended for the low tech setup.

Please advise on the bulb type.
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go for leds man you're asking about outdated technology. I hated using CFLs, the look, the space they take up, the inefficiency for aquarium purposes because of restrike, the heat and the endless replacements.

A diy led project could cost less in the long run because you'll be replacing those bulbs alot. leds last years and for that size tank you could probly do it for about 200 dollars.
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