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after a few months of this tank being partway setup, I finally got it close to where I want it. I'll always be tweaking it over time, in fact, I have a couple changes I want to make already. I'd like to add a black backgroud soon. The dwarf hairgrass will be removed and the back right corner populated with some sort of bushy plant. I might also move the anubias around a little.

Some specs:

5.5 gal std. aga tank
GLA azoo dark substrate
zoo med 501 canister filter
2x 15w GE spiral PC (diy fixture setup guts thanks to dbosman)


anubias coffee folia
crypt willisi x lucens
crypt parva
dwarf hairgrass (temporary)
marsilea minuta
christmas moss
mini pellia
some micro grass (have not a clue what it is)

Ferka Rosetta root tabs

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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