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Based on many suggestions from the membership, APC had decided to change the points system effective immediately. Points will now allow you to enter a monthly raffle for a specific aquatic plant.

The first raffle will be for 1 portion each of Microsorum pteropus "narrow" (Narrow Leaf Java Fern), Riccia and Christmas Moss. An images of Tropica's drawing of the plant is attached at the bottom of this post.

We are taking the opportunity to officially define the reason for the points system.

The Purpose of the Points System

The purpose of the point system is to encourage meaningful dialogue that will boost the worth of the forum.

Consequently, meaningless posts that are obviously intended only to increase the poster's point total are contrary to this purpose. All members should note that the more significant the reply the more credibility one earns in the hobby, which is more important than earning points.

Going forward, points will be awarded on the following basis:

5 points for posting a topic
1 point for each reply you get on your topic
1 points if you post a reply

How to enter the raffle

One chance in the raffle per ticket. One ticket is worth 50 points. You can buy as many tickets as you have points for. You can purchase the tickets by going to the Raffle section in the page header.
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you cant get more than 20 points a day. its just to prevent spammers, not saying that you are one :)
It would be pretty hard to make 20 good posts in a day though. I've only gotten over a few times.

BTW, what is an "Amano Pack?"

Also, who is providing these? They must be quite generous!

Amano pack contains Glosso, H.M. and Ludwigia arcuata. I'm providing it. :D
I notice it doesn't say how much point is added after a reply or post anymore. Did the system change?
Well, we did just have an update, so maybe that broke the point notification after a post?
Yes. The upgrade changed some code that impacted our Raffle system. We are working on correcting these changes. Should be back to normal in a few days.

Thanks for letting me know.
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