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Changes to point system...

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Hello everyone,

The APC staff has decided to eliminate the point system for two reasons:

1. The point system is incompatible with the new software the forum is using and is causing technical problems; and

2. More importantly, the point system no longer meets its objective of fostering discussion.

Consequently, every member should be able to purchase one ticket for the monthly raffle and everyone will have the same chance to win every month. :D

It will take a few weeks to remove the point system al together so please disregard any system points messages you receive when posting.

I thank you for your continued support of APC as we strive to be the best aquarium plant community on the net. Should you have any questions, please let me know.
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Can I exchange my points for some other benefits? :lol:
just kidding...
It would be wise to remove POINTS counter. Refer to my previous conversation :idea:
Works for me. I'm not here for points. And the raffel is pretty cool and I pretty unique. I'm here to learn and share my limited experiences.
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