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I have a 30 Gallon(120 liter) on which I use a 'kind of sump' + powerhead as filtration. This came with the aquarium). I now bought a Canister, JBL CristalProfi e900 (900 liters/hour).

In the sump I am having bio-media(ceramics, ehfitech). How about to change over to the canister filter.

Have been checking the forum and think that it's best start running both filters for a while, or shall I move the media I have in the sump into the canister? Other option is to place the intake of the canister in the sump so water will pass the media in the sump before passing the new media in the Canister. What's really best to do?

Thanks for helping me out.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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