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Hello everyone!

Here's my 46g journal. Criticism is welcome, and any comments are appreciated.

Here's the statistics.

I just got the tank two weeks ago. Put plants in two days ago. Still fishless cycling.

RENA xp2 canister
RENA 200w smart heater
Current 2x39w T5
45lbs Fluorite Original

Plants- (at the moment)
Java Fern
Amazon sword
Red Ludwigia
Scarlet Temple
Dwarf Saggitaria

Front view

Side view

I still have one more piece of driftwood, a taller piece that I am putting in vertically on the left, in front of the large amazon sword. Still soaking.
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It will take some time to grow and fill in, but you're off to a good start. It looks like you'll have some good balance with color and size once it gets going. It could use some foreground.

Looks good so far. I hope to have mine started in the next month.
I definitely agree with the foreground bit. I'm still looking for some more plants.

I want to put some rotala indica in the back left to cover the heater too.

Hopefully once the dwarf sagitarria grows in I'll have a nice little carpet, and I might put in some hairgrass or baby tears. Still in the design stage of course. ;)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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