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Cheaper solenoid

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Cheaper solenoid, updated!

I reciently saw a post were one of the repliers suggested a solenoid they liked for around 28$, I believe. Well, I can't find the bloody post anywhere so I give up and hope someone else knows where it lives.

Thanks (confussed by to much information trapped inside a small brain with incorrectly firing synapsis)
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Well, I just got the CO-CA9-211N105-21 seen here It works fine but i find it to have a very loud buzzing hum when it is on. This is a problem as my aqauriums are located in my bedroom:( I am wondering if all solenoids do this when on or if this one was cheaper for a reason? I don't think I would even notice it in a livingroom or if the CO2 setup were in a cabinet but in my bedroom it is to much.

Anyone have any recommendations one QUIET solenoids?

May want to check with the vendor about the hum. I would think that is normal.
Got the same loud buzzing noise from my Tunze system, i dont think it has anything to do with it being cheap, as Tunze are classically expensive.

Anyone know a fix???
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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