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Cheapest source for larger Malaysian driftwood pieces for 125H g discus tank

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Can anyone recommend cheap sources for larger Malaysian driftwood pieces for a 125H g 60 x 18 x 24H in. planted discus tank?

I'm looking for a mix of pieces with branch arms + 1-2 pieces that are wall-like with fewer arms and preferably for a supplier that lets you choose the piece from photos showing measurements.

Someone on ACA recommended Ted's Fish Room, which lets you select pieces, but which I wouldn't call inexpensive. Maybe I'm out of touch with recent prices though.
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I was just looking here. I'm not sure if they have the type you want.
I was on a site yesterday with large sized wood for $15. Try to find that for you.
Not the site i was looking at but this site also has good prices on large drift wood
drop me a pm I can put you into contact with a fellow that has some stunning show quality Malaysian driftwood for reasonable prices if you tell him what your looking for he probably has it.

Here is the information I just got a reply back. This guy is cool.

Nice to meet you to Craig. The fish are all doing well.

You can pass on both my e-mail [email protected] and my web site

And thanks!


He doesn't have much on his site yet but you can e-mail him I've seen some spectacular stuff from his collections.

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What do you prefer? Manzanita wood or Malaysian driftwood?

I've never used Manzanita wood - does it appear much lighter once soaked than Malaysian driftwood? Malaysian driftwood is dark brown.
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