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Added some live plants to the fish tank! Wanted to get some of your opinions and advice!
Standard 10 Gallon
Light-15W T8- 9 Hours a day on timer
Substrate- Dennerle soil
Plants-- Java Moss, Java Fern, XMas Moss
Stock-- 2 Mystery Snails, 4 Neon Tetras
No added Fertz

When should I start trimming the moss to encourage growth? I just attached it 2 days ago.
Should I leave the java fern on the top left there or move it somewhere else?
Should I add more neons or leave it as is?


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1- I wouldn't trim it just yet. Until you see bright green tips, I wouldn't
2- up to you :) I say move it though somewhere else, other than there so it can grow more widely.
3- add two more, minimum group of six :)
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