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Cherry Red Shrimps.
20 for $19. Free shipping. You can add additional shrimps for 75 cents each.
Of course I always include extras!

Shrimps will be shipped in Kordon Breather Bags.
You will get shrimps of varying size, from babies (less than 1/4 inch) to young adults (less than .75 inch)
Will have bits of plants for them to cling on to to reduce stress. The box will have styrofoam to prevent temperature fluctuation.
I don't have heat packs, so keep your local weather in mind.

Shipping and Payment:
Non-credit card paypal only please. :)
Shipping will be this coming SATURDAY.

My feedback:

Frequently Asked Questions.

2) Why do you ship on Saturdays when the post office is closed on Sundays?
-Due to time constraint (work, research, school), I can only ship Saturdays. Even though the post office is closed Sundays, they still process mail. All my
shipments have made it to the buyer on Monday. I use Aaron's shipping method, so plants do not arrive in black mush. :)

Pic of a young adult:

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