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chinese algae eater?

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well, I`m Loking for algae eater and i found a Gyrinocheilus Aymonieri, do somebody have had any experience with these fish?

thanks for your comments

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The wife came home with one today for me. Heheh. I asked her while she was at the store to see if they had siamese algae eaters, and lo and behold, a pink spaz came in the home. Well, he is eating algae for now.

I have a friend with a 55 gallon cichlid tank with a couple of REAL meanies. (One may even be psychotic, if a fish can be) And when he turns from eating algae to eating my cabomba or pleco he will try his luck with the big boys. (He is QUICK, he will have a good chance.)

If it does get aggressive, I doubt he'll get much of a grasp of my rainbowfish, danios, corys or otos, as they are all very quick darters.

I guess the question is, how long before they lose their aptitude for the green stuff? Or should I look to unload as quickly as possible?


Well, compared to others I saw at stores today looking around, he wasn't in the "small and cute" department. He went to a friends' Cichlid tank (1 BIG cichlid and 1 large giant danio). There is a running bet on his survival. I think he'll make it, just based on him being SO QUICK! My friend has a good point that the giant danio may chase him into being tired, then it will be a cichlid snack.

I have faith in the little shadow boxer tho!

1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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