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chinese algae eater?

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well, I`m Loking for algae eater and i found a Gyrinocheilus Aymonieri, do somebody have had any experience with these fish?

thanks for your comments

a c u a m a n
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Void this fish at all cost, will suck slime coating off of your fish. Gets more aggressive as it matures.

I had one put a hole into the side of my Gourami that died later from the injury.

Better choices are Otto's, SAE's, Plecos & Shrimp (Amano, Cherry, Tiger). The SAE can grow to 6" and the Common Pleco can get 18". If you have a small tank stick with Otto's, shrimp & smaller Plecos like a bristtlenose/rubberlip.
Acuaman... Otto's and SAE's don't have a bias to what type plant they eat algae off of but do have a bias of what type algae they will eat.

Ottos prefer brown algae & SAE's prefer BBA, so depending on the type algae you have depends on the type algae eater you will choose. I myself keep a variety of algae eaters so all bases are covered.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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