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The way I have understood it which is anything but scientific is this.

If a resivoir or water is aerated, chlorine will evaporate in a matter of 24-48 hours because it is fairly volitile.

Chloramine on the other hand is much more stabe... which is why its used, there is evidence that chlorine changes into carcenogenic compounds in the precense of certain organic compounds, so chloramine is used instead. The chloramine as I understand it can take up to a month to totally evaporate.

Most of the things I read pretty much said that filtering with anything except carbon does nothing to remove chlorine or chloramine. But Carbon will reduce 1-2 ppm of chlorine/mine to .1 ppm

So my first step would be checking with your local utility company and see which of the two products their using.

here is one of the sites I used to get some of my info.
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