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Do not go by the "if it is safe for you..." argument.
Chlorine and chloramine, in the doses used in water treatment are safe for mammals, but not for fish. Neither fish nor mammals are plants.

I have filled my pond, no fish at the time, but lots of plants, and not added dechlor. This suggests that some aquatic plants do not seem to mind. Most of the plants are water lettuce and duck weed, some Myriophyllum, a couple of Water Lilies. Other plants are grown in a bog setting, leaves above the water, roots in peat moss. Calla and Canna Lily, Japanese Iris, Water Mint, Ribbon Grass, Cyperus sp., In the water, but leaves out of the water include Lizard Tail, Taro, Water Cress.
In the back of my mind, though are some old house plant books that suggest aging the water overnight to get rid of the chlorine for certain house plants.
Gardens in my area are irrigated with treated tap water from about April through October, and the plants are fine. These are of course land plants.
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