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Chuppy's 15Gal. Low Light set-up.

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Hey all here's another one of my set-up.. Since I was bored.. and i never tried a true low-light plants set-up.

Some specs:
Tank: 60cmL x 30cmD x 34cmH approx 15gal.
Substrate: 2 bags of Flourite Black Sand.
C02: Pressurized currently at 1bps
Light: Currently- 11wx2=22w gonna upgrade into 36wx2=72w ..
Filter: A plain HOB filter.
Fertilizer: Unplanned yet.. Suggestions? Preferably the ADA range as i have them at hand.

Some might say that there isn't a need to upgrade the lights, but. the WPG rule doesnt apply from 20gal downwards.


I couldn't get a proper FTS as the old tank(with fauna) is blocking my way..

Current Entire Set-up

Close-up on the Focal Point

Some Crypt.Parva

Slight idea of my set-up with the Iwagumi tank...

Just SHaring.. A view of the modified Bathroom into a fish/shrimp room LOL!
the rack to the left is my shrimp rack..

Here's a better view of it.. the top tank is getting infested with algae..

A slight idea how each tank looks like...Okay getting out of topic here :rolleyes:

Anyways, all comments and critics are most welcome for the tank(s) lol.
Please do suggest more plants to add into the as I am brain dead on what to do witht he empty right side of the tank..Leave it empty? LOL

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Its Spiky Moss and Taiwan Moss..(might also be known as Christmas Moss.)



I must apologize for the bad pic.. too lazy to get the DSLR out...

Everythings going well.. no algae growth whatsoever, the cherries are growing and an increased pace and the moss.. Don't get me started! hha

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It's beautiful!!

Sorry if I missed it but do you do co2? If so, what method?
Hey Zensi,

the tank is now in a mess.. gonan do something about it soon enough!

Yes I used Pressurized c02.. 1bubble per sec

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