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Chuppy's New Iwagumi!!

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here I go again!!

Got a new braceless tank..
60cmx30cmx36cm.. Ada style lol!

Soil: Amazonia set..

Planned Flora.. : Vivipara, HG, and HC!

Added 5 elements..

Added Powersand..

Soil! still got another bag to use if i want!

What do you think??

Comments on the rockscape a.s.a.p. please!
Once it is good enough.. I will add more soil for landscaping purposes..

I apologize for bad picture quality!

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What do you think of the Amazonia Powder? I thought it looked nice when it was dry, but as soon as I added water it all clumped up and a bunch floated around the tank. Did you have that same problem?

Good looking rockwork by the way.
1 - 1 of 54 Posts
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