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I was just curious, I haven't seen this discussed. I like to keep my tanks clean, but I like
to feed my fish a lot. Up until now, I have had none or few plants in my aquarium so gravel
vacing once or twice a week took care of it. How do you keep a heavily planted tank clean enough? You obviously can't gravel vac it.

I'm a converted overfeeder. It's a bad idea to overfeed in a planted tank because you will encourage algae growth. With a planted tank you probably now leave the light on, so it is easy to grow algae now if you're not careful, whereas before there was not enough light to have much algae.

If you like to feed often, because you like to see your fish eat as I do - it's a good idea to feed very little each time. I feed flake 2x daily very small amount. Every other day I feed a frozen cube of shrimp which is a little too big to be eaten quickly so I know that the slow eaters are getting their fill. My 2 Cents.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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