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Several weeks ago someone here said they used a pressure washer to clean the dead BBA off their driftwood. Today I tried that. I have a "sculpture" or assembly of Mopani type African root wood, which was totally covered with thick black fur, due to some serious neglect by me. I soaked it in a bleach solution for an hour to turn it cream colored, dried it in the sun, then tonight, with a glass of wine to reinforce my nerves, I turned my pressure washer on it.

That pressure washer removes completely all of the gray weathered wood on my wood deck, with ease, so it is a powerful thing - 1500 psi water spray. I expected it to either blast the wood far off the deck, or blast it into pieces. It did neither. I had to go over the surfaces slowly several times, but it completely removed the dead algae. Great idea, by who ever first reported it. Where I washed the wood, my deck boards look brand new!

Perhaps this is a new product for commercial use. Not the pressure washer, the BBA. As hard as it was to remove the dead BBA, this should be a great house paint.
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