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Cleaning cannister filter tubing

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Good morning

I have an XP2 on my 46G BF.
The vinyl input & output tubing is getting kind of cruddy.
Do you all clean them occasionally and if so how often?

Thank you
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I clean when chunks of crud start to break off and blow into the tank. This is every couple months usually.

To clean the tubes I use a hose brush with a long piece of fishing line tied to it and a weight at the other end. Stick the weight in and run water through the tube to get it to flow to the other end. Quick and easy.
Or find yourself a buret brush online or in the stores of a chemistry lab.
i got my tube cleaning brush for $5 off Big Al's.....but have yet to use it, lol.
Petsmart has a brush cleaning kit, comes with 3 different sized brushes, all pretty long, great for cleaning out tubes, strainers, spraybars. Runs about $5. I belive Topfin makes them.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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