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Clear, Acrylic Tubes As Intake and Outake Pipes

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I read the post about glass lillie pipes and those pipes look good but there is an alternative to the glass lillie. I used acrylic tube as my outake and intake pipe for my canister filter. I bent the 6/8" acrylic tube into a U-shape. It works very well, but you have to know how to bend the tube or it will not be a smooth bend. Once placed in the aquarium, it is not noticeable at all and it looks very neat and nice.
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Bending springs are the way to go if you're thinking of making more of these to sell or distribute, they use them for bending PVC conduit. Sand is good but tricky as the volume of the tube increases as you stretch it out. Rock salt I never thought of, good solution if you have problems with the sand getting stuck to the walls of the tube. You could also try to use a smaller hose that fits snugly into the pipe to bend and fill that with sand and seal both ends... Good DIY project.

Giancarlo Podio
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