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Here we go, official round two!

Planted this yesterday, hope you like! Just a note, I'll be filling in the back with a wall of Eleocharis vivipara on friday. For those who don't know, it's a very delicate looking grass plant that can grow essentially as long as you let it. I'll be letting it drape over the top to give the anubias some shade.

Running a mere 3 hour photoperiod to start. Trying out Green Bacter and Bacter 100 to help the cycle, lets see if it works. The filter is essentially cycled already, as it came from a fully cycled tank. I'm hoping the cycle won't last longer than a week or so, but you can never say for sure with ADA AS.

On to the photos, there's lots, with more to come on friday (setup shots were taken with my phone, final shots were taken with my camera)

Here's a lil ADA swagger, nothin much

Laying down the Powersand Special S (2 liters)

Putting down the Bacter 100


Some Yamaya Stones

The first bit of planting, also with the wood

From the top

Adding some Anubias (thanks Glenn!)

Detailed shot (didn't think my phone could take a shot of this quality)

From the front again

Anubias from the side

Up top, from the side

With water now!


Anubias action

From up top

From the side

And waaaayyy back for the finale

Hope you enjoyed! Will be updating on friday with the background actually filled in. I hate posting this with an empty background, but I couldn't help myself :)

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Great start! I really like it.

One suggestion, however. The current driftwood layout is too one-dimensional and linear, try angling the longer pieces towards the front of the tank. Either that or add additional (smaller) pieces towards the front.
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