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CO2 Air Tube...

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where can i buy it except those online fish supply. what kind of stores sell those tubes? im going to ask paintball gun shop see if they have...

thanks for helping me out,

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i'm not talking about silicone tube. i have it, but it couldn't connect tightly with manifold/needle valves. i think pressure come out of needle valve is too strong. it will pump tube out.

i use normal air tube connect from needle valve to check valve. after check valve i use silicone tube. i think i may need to replace them to co2 tube if they really work since i turn on my co2 24 hrs/day.

with my experience, if you are going to use manifold with multiple tanks, don't need solenoid valve. save some $$$ coz when timer turn on solenoid valve everyday, co2 won't deliver to all your tanks. co2 will go to the highest pressure with shortest tube first. because of water flowing back to tubes after power turn off, the rest of tubes dont have enough pressure to push water back; therefore, you have to adjust it every single day. i'm tired of that, so i turn on my co2 24hrs/day with less bubble/second.

please give me more info if you can.

thank you very much,

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thanks guys... really helpful info. i appreciated it!

Hi Giancarlo,

i can find those small plastic tie at hobby shop right? those use for tie wires that thing?

thanks all replies... i got ties at hobby shop and air condtion supply. don't go hobby shop. i bought the thinnest one at hobby shop. dammmm... 10 of 4" ties in a bag $1.25, 5.5" at air condition supply with 134 ties in a bag$1.95... what the...

thanks again,

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