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Great to meet this community. I'm returning to the hobby and have been heavily influenced by Diana Walsad's book*. I'm looking to establish a new 75 gallon tank but had two key questions:
1. In the book, she doesn't advocate for a bio-filter, but does recommend a UV and mechanical filter. Anyone have good suggestions for a tank this size?
2. I see in the threads the common use of CO2 injection (and my local stores). Ideally, I'd like to avoid this. For an aquarium this size, can I skip that following the guidance in her book?

Looking forward to diving into this and great to find this community.

[I had 5 freshwater tanks and a saltwater as a teenager. Never appreciated planted aquariums. Great to see the hobby take this direction. I also now have an outdoor pond, not as planted, but will improve that]
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