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For the most part, the cheaper ones suffice.

It is like buying a Toyota vs a Lexus. Both can get you to work just as well, but one just does it with more style.

Also, just in general don't forget that if you do use CO2 resistant tubing, you shouldn't be actually using that tubing to directly connect to your diffuser. You should be using silicone tubing or something much less stiff. That might help with the cases of individuals not being able to get their tubing on (although bacod253, I'm not sure what your specific case is so what I'm saying may not apply to you!). If you're worried about CO2 leaking through the tubes, then just connect the diffuser with silicone to a check valve, and keep a minimum of the silicone exposed to the air and the rest submerged underwater. Then, from the check valve to your CO2 cylinder you can use the CO2 resistant tubing.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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