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co2 diffusor maintance q

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if i scrubbed the face of the glass diffusor, is it ruin? any way around it or should i just buy a new one?
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Soak it in Bleach/water mix for 30 minutes. Then soak in dechlorinator/water mix.
Done.. :) Just like new...
hmm i have to try, but rite now its basking in white vinegar/white ratio with a diy co2 hooked up to make sure the ceramic surface isnt ruin.

thanks for the info orlando

ok it works fine i guess the bath worked
Soak it in Excel or peroxide. No need to use bleach and then have to wrry about whether you got it all out. I also gently scrape the ceramic disc with tweezers to remove a very very thin amount off the top. I don't recommend it with expensive diffusors like ADA but I use the cheap ones anyway.
I would advise not scraping fragile ceramic diffusers. I and many others use bleach/water to clean co2 glassware.
Scraping will most likely cause damage verses a simple soak then rinse.
excel and h2o2 will work but it wont get it pure white like bleach can.

i use h2o2 because its easy and no need to dechorinate. it doesn't look as good but you can definately see a difference.
Like I said, I would not scrape the expensive diffusors like ADA but I've been doing it to the cheaper ones for YEARS and have never had a problem. I'm not saying take a belt sander to the thing. Just gently scrape the disc for a couple seconds. I've got some of the cheapo .99 cent diffusors that I've had for years and always do this.
.99 diffusor? where and how..well it isnt a ada diffusor just a regular nano diffusor
thanks for the replies guys
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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