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The only way to improve the reactor and get "more bang for your buck" is to make sure that no CO2 is lost from the reactor. As long as the CO2 is not entering the chamber and forcing the water out faster than the pump can replace it, then you are fine. Making sure your pump is not clogged up, clean the impeller, and you should be fine. Replacing the pad in it now with something different could improve the diffusion rate as pussobly more water would be passed through the pump, but unless it is very dirt I doubt it is an issue.

Basically these reactors work by moving water past the CO2 (trapped in the top of the chamber, where the water also enters) so the [email protected] gas can dissolute into the water. The foam or floss in the bottom of the chamber mearly keeps the bubbles of CO2 from being expelled before they get dissolved by the water from the pump. Technicaly, I think, blocking off the end of the chamber would only act to slow the water flow and thus give slightly less Co2 saturation. I could be wrong. A certain amount of water can only hold a certain amount of CO2, the faster the water is replaced in the chamber the more CO2 will make its way into the aquarium. As long as the bubbles of CO2 are not being forced from the chamber before they are dissolved, then its pretty efficient. If you can maintain levels where youwant then, don't worry about it:)

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