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I don’t know why I insist on sharing my “d-uh” moments with everyone, but I guess I hope I can spare someone else the same d-uh.

My C02 tank usually lasts 10 months. Last time it only lasted 3 months. I soaped the heck outta that thing and could not find any leaks. So I chalked it up to increased CO2 use.

The refill was about a month ago. Last night I looked at the gauge and it had dropped below 800. Maybe a cold floor? I dragged out the scale, and sho-nuff that thing was near empty! Dang!!! Double dang! LEAK ALERT!

I took out my soapy water yet again and soaped up everything, even the tubing. I even held some of it underwater. Nothing! Argggh! Where is that @$&*!! leak?

OK. this called for closer observation. I put on my reading glasses and turned the tank around…..low and behold I found the leak: where the regulator (metal) connects out to the screwed in plastic nipple that holds the tubing. I went to my original instructions and it even says ”leaks may occur here”.

So a pair of pliers and some Teflon tape later, no mo' leakage.

I had to go refill my tank at 7am this morning, before work. PITA, but I'm really glad I found the issue.

So remember, if you are getting leakage, remember to check this evidently vulnerable spot with your glasses on.

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