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I am starting to fundraise for a new project and decided to dig into my "aquarium box" for equipment to sell.

I am offering two BRAND NEW mini-vortex reactors for 35$ each:

I will include three feet of silicone tubing for each reactor sold. Shipping will be by USPS Priority at 6$. These reactors are extremely efficient and easily capable of providing CO2 to tanks from 5g to 30g. Normal going price is 49-50$.

I will also be selling a nearly brand new Hagen Glomat Ballast Kit for a single 30w bulb (T12).

This is perfect for supplementing your AH Supply kit with a single 30w Triton or Coral life NO bulb. I am selling it for 10$. It is a remote ballast. I will include bulb clips.

Lastly, I am selling a pair of 55w 8800k power compact bulbs. These are straight pin based. I'm selling them for 15$ each.

PM me if interested.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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