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This is the set of directions I followed.

My first attempt failed likely because the lukewarm water I used to mix the yeast was probably too hot. Another possibility for that failure was not using baking soda.

If you sterilize properly, your CO2 generator will be running in a few hours.

This is what I do:
a) Rinse bottles and caps in hot water. Then submerge in cold water. Either the hot temperature or the sudden crash will likely kill most bacteria.
b) In a separate container mix well the 2 cups of cane sugar with 2 cups (a bit more is OK) Reverse Osmosis processed drinking water.
c) Stir that mixture into the 2L bottle.
d) Mix some hot water with cold water to obtain lukewarm or tepid water (e.g. within the 30 to 40C = 86 to 104F range), add the yeast, mix well; add the baking soda, mix well.
e) Stir this yeast-baking soda lukewarm water mixture inside your 2L bottle. Refill if needed until the upper curvature if using Coca-Cola bottles.
f) Clean carefully your bottle to avoid bacterial build up and remove the not so good smell.
g) assembly as needed. Shake vigorously and wait.
h) Check for leaks and fix as required.

I use the 20oz. bottle gas separator, actually running two 2L in a 29g bow and 3 2L in a 45g long. My DIY drop checkers confirm safe and steady CO2 levels (light green). My plants love it!

I replace one 2L bottle every week no matter what; that way the output remains somewhat constant.

I will eventually go pressurized, in the meantime, it's kind of fun to do this. My 4 y.o. daughter helps me on this task.

Santo Domingo
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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