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I am new to CO2.

I have this: CO2 setup. I only set it up a couple of days ago.

Today it worked fine, and according to my drop checker the CO2 level was perfect. But then I had a fiddle with the reactor. I thought that if I adjusted the lever that controls the flow through the reactor from the filter outlet to make MORE water go through the reactor, then the whole thing would work more efficiently and I'd need less bubbles.

So I did that, and a wierd thing happened. The reactor started filling with what looks like air, but I reckon is CO2 and lots of bubbles are coming out. And after a while my fish started gasping at the surface and being quite inactive. My drop checker now says there is too much CO2 in the tank.

So I've turned it off, and I've put an airstone in. My lights have now gone off for the night.

Have I done the right things?

Tommorow I'm going to set it back up the way it was before.
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