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CO2 ration with lighting and ferts

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When the BBA outbreak reoccured, I reduced lighting(due to the fact I wasn't getting enough in there anyway) , cut back on ferts which I'm thinking would reduce plant consumption and increase the CO2 in the tank. This has all but removed all visible traces of BBA in the tank. I guess this will not have an adverse effect on the plants as long as everything is balanced correct?
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Plants are usually pretty slow to react to changes IME. What is your dosing routine before/after bba?
I had my LFS test my nitrates which were below 5ppm and my PO4 which they said was low also. I couldn't read the test strip well. So I have been dosing 5 ml of GW's premix. 1tbsp per 500ml. Once a week on WC day. This led to a hair algae outbreak which led me to believe my PO4 wasn't as low as they said. That coupled with the inadequate lighting (which should be fixed early next week) lead to my algae outbreaks. I cut back on dosing to every other week and the hair algae is gone and the bba is spotty at best. The new growth has smaller leaves but they appear healthy, just not growing as fast. Will test my water today before and after my WC and invest in GWs seperate mixes.
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