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co2 reactor

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I was wondering what kind of reactor you are using for your tank or one that is the most efficient to dissolve co2. I have a 20g tank with a glass diffuser. I was thinking of changing it to a reactor. Do they have any cheap one? for a 20g. Also how would you set it a co2 reactor anyways. I read that somewhere some people connect there co2 to their filter? How does that work.

I got a co2 tank and xp2 filter.
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I use internal reactors because they dissolve 100% of the CO2 and don’t have to sit in the tank. Just buy one or make one for 20$ or 10$ respectively.

Glass diffusers aren’t that bad, but quite a bit of CO2 does make it to the surface without being completely dissolved.

CO2 reactors are attached to a canister’s filter return pipe (pipe that sends water back to the tank). Just cut the tube into 2 pieces and put the reactor between the two tubes.
For a 20 gallon tank the diffuser you have should be fine. However, you can go inline with the xp2 you have using an inline one. I have the Calaqua one from Greenleaf and it works fine using the spraybar. Just hook it up to your output tubing before it gets to the spraybar. They are a bit expensive, but take up no room in the tank and look nice. Be sure you get the size that will fit your output tubing.
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