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CO2 reactors for sale!

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I made 10 and only need 2. This leaves 8. Of the 8, 2 are claimed by friends leaving 6. Of the 6, ONLY 2 of them are up for sale for $30 plus shipping. I will need to take these in to see what they weigh in at.

The first 2 people who want them for $30 plus shipping gets them :)
This is ONLY for APC members who have atleast 5 quality posts (ie 5 posts saying "cool" or "woooh" etc don't count...just trying to get the numbers up here :))

THE REMAINING 4 will go up on aquabid starting at $30 and will be offered to the general public.

*INLUDES double grip nylon snap hose clamps (double grip version of what comes with the filstars)
*5/8" Barbs on both ends (fits Filstars, larger eheims and larger fluvals)..3/4" NPT so you can change out to 1/2" barbs
*Standard airline connector for CO2 input
*16.75" long end to end
*8" section of Clear PVC
*All sockets were: Cleaned with PVC clear, Primed with PVC primer, and cemented with heavy duity PVC cement (clear)
*Air line is internally cemented with aquarium safe silicone and externally sealed with plastic epoxy
*2" pipe can be opened if you need to for any reason (2" M-F threaded couplings)

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Quick question for you, are the elbows on either side removable and what size barbs are they?

Giancarlo Podio
The PVC elbow (left in the picture) is cemented in.
The elbow on the right is threaded (it is the barbbed fitting)
Both barbed fittings are removable and have 3/4" NPT threads.
Both barbs are 5/8" which everyone seems to use on the metric fittings of filstar and the larger eheims/fluvals.
I know I don't have the 5 post minimum yet, but if you are open for it, I'd like to purchase that last one. If not, I'll take my chances on Aquabid.
Get some good quality posting here before the auctions end, and it is yours ;)
I'll take one of them. e-mail me off line for final arrangements.
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