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I made 10 and only need 2. This leaves 8. Of the 8, 2 are claimed by friends leaving 6. Of the 6, ONLY 2 of them are up for sale for $30 plus shipping. I will need to take these in to see what they weigh in at.

The first 2 people who want them for $30 plus shipping gets them :)
This is ONLY for APC members who have atleast 5 quality posts (ie 5 posts saying "cool" or "woooh" etc don't count...just trying to get the numbers up here :))

THE REMAINING 4 will go up on aquabid starting at $30 and will be offered to the general public.

*INLUDES double grip nylon snap hose clamps (double grip version of what comes with the filstars)
*5/8" Barbs on both ends (fits Filstars, larger eheims and larger fluvals)..3/4" NPT so you can change out to 1/2" barbs
*Standard airline connector for CO2 input
*16.75" long end to end
*8" section of Clear PVC
*All sockets were: Cleaned with PVC clear, Primed with PVC primer, and cemented with heavy duity PVC cement (clear)
*Air line is internally cemented with aquarium safe silicone and externally sealed with plastic epoxy
*2" pipe can be opened if you need to for any reason (2" M-F threaded couplings)

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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