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If your goal is better circulation, it won't help to have faster flow through one outlet. You want to have flow from multiple outlets so that you can get water moving in any potential dead/slow moving areas.

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Originally Posted by dj2606
You will not be disappointed in your decision.
Glad to hear it! After making so many changes and mistakes along the way in my 5 years of saltwater, I'm trying to plan for everything before I fill up my soon-to-be planted tank, and do it right the first time.../
It seems when we have "perfected" our thoughts we would see something better and we would attempt to try again. LOL.

I see some of you mentioned to tap into either the intake or outtake of the filter lines. Has someone actually done this? Does it actually reduce the flow? If it doesn't anyone could tell me where I can get a "T" to attach to the intake lines of the canister filter and use the filter as the reactor? I was at the LFS today and set my eyes on some equipment. I just want to ensure I can get all the parts before I go and get it. BTW, I have three Eheim canister filters and thinking I'll tap into all three intake lines and get the best distribution of CO2 into the tank.

Any thoughts?
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