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I have heard that sumo co2 systems are good quality so i am concisdering one for a 125g.
First question is an "ideal" valve the best option or would a swaglok valve bee good? I would rather go with the ideal if its better in the long run.
second: do i need a ph controler or would :

"The SuMo Premier Controllable CO2 Regulator Package includes:

Electric solenoid valve with red LED to signal the valve is powered on
Five feet of high quality flexible CO2 tubing
A brass check valve
Your choice of Ideal or Swagelok metering valve"

be everything i need (plus tank and diffuser).

another thing, what size tank would be best?
the tank is in a bedroom so worst case senerio, a 10 or 20lbs tank leaks all co2 out over night when a person is sleeping . would that amount of co2 have any health hazards (assuming the tank was full)?

what are other good co2 regulators or packages?
anybody have some pics of their co2 setups so i can get a better grasp of the overall setup?
the main reason i want co2 is im gettign algae and i just cant get the plants to as good as i want them, excell helped abit, however its just not practical in the long run.
These I think are the best of the best but some may debate. You will not go wrong with these:

Ok from someone who has tried a few of those needle valve/bubble counter/check valve "Rube Golberg" things, here is really the only regulator I would buy because it is the only regulator designed specifically for the aquarium plant grower:

It is expensive but since your going for a 125gal tank you are not thinking cheap. This regulator has everything built into it including a bubble counter, check valve, and solenoid. You control the flow with an extremely accurate electronic potentiometer, not a needle valve.

I would get 2 x 5# CO2 tanks each one should last a couple of months at least; so, you always have one ready when you need it. A 5 pounder if it goes will not produce excessive CO2 levels in your room (Unless you have a very small bedroom).

As for controller (yes you need one) this is super, I have one and it controls CO2 +/- 2 ppm the UltraLife MC101:

You might get it cheaper at you Local Fish Store so ask them.

I would not use a diffuser as they are in your tank and look ugly. I would use an in-line reactor. These you have to connect to a power filter. I'll recommend one later. Here is a great reactor, the Aqua-Medic Co2 Reactor 1000. You can find it a lot of places and do not have to get it at Aquarium

If you don't already have one the best Canister filter (for a 125 gal you may want two of these) is debatable but I'd go with a Fluval 405. Here is one but you can find them everywhere:

You haven't gotten there yet but you will probably want a UV Sterilizer. I have a helix Max there available lots of places:
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