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Co2 systems

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I may be going overseas soon. well the question is would buying a co2 system overseas be better then DIYing my own. im not sure how much a co2 system in asia costs, so lets just assume the cost is the same as a DIY pressurized system. then i guess the other cost would be the ongoing maintenance. would it be cheaper to refill a commercial system or a DIY pressurized system? or can they both be refilled in the same way (such as taking it to a welding supply store)?

sorry bout all the questions but i am very curious.
thanx in advance
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You would be better off buying them locally. I have some regulators I brought with me from Italy to the US only to find that we use different fittings so they are useless. Pressurized CO2 consists of three elements, the gas tank, the regulator and the needle valve. Buying these separately as a DIY person would or buying them all in one package is pretty much the same thing. You end up with the same product and you can have it filled at fire extinguisher or welding shops just the same. Other than finding the parts and screwing them into eachother, there is really little "DIY" in DIY Pressurized CO2.

There are non-standard CO2 systems that have been made for the hobby however you need to make sure that someone will fill them locally as most will not unless they are an authorized dealer.

Hope that helps
Giancarlo Podio
alrite, thanx for the help giancarlo.
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