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Co2 Tubing

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Is it possible to tell if you have co2 tubing or not?
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to my knowledge the CO2 Tubing is much smaller and harder than regular air tubing.

not harder, it feels more rubbery but it is smaller
I am not trying to confuse you but I just purchased new clear CO2 certified tubing that is the same size as standard tubing only much harder. Possibly many types are available?
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I guess. Does Co2 tubing smells like something very unique, because mines is rubbery.
I use silicone tubing now and it works just fine (so far). The old stuff I threw out was black and hard, a lot thicker and stiffer.

I use Dr Fosters Hagen Silicon .
I bought all kind of Co2 tubing some are smaller than normal, some are harder than others but they all end up bad. Silicone tubing is good enough that can use for a long time with out change the quality of it. If you are not so sure of it you can try the ADA parts set. They are not that expansive.
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